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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Men at Work

Ok thats it for the new ones. Or at least scanned.
Ill be posting the oldies and by tomorrow can be expecting more scans.

Lets share this funny but sad song... cuz u know this shit happends everyday

WEERD SCIENCE - Girl, Your Baby's Worm Food

Yeeah, awooo, I gotta tell you somethin. (You listening?) Hey.If you really knocked up by my homie, ima punch you in the stomach. Ho.There you go, it's your name. He don't mean it. No.Girl you better count your doubt, cuz this August two men is leavin. Bitch.

Come on girl you do the math. He's already takin care of your three other kidsWithout a question asked and now your gonna ask him to have the baby? What are you? Crazy?You were done by four kids, by four different fathers. Haven't you ever heard of a thing called condoms?How come none of the other babies daddies want 'em? When my kids grow up yours are gonna rob 'em.And I don't want that, it's easy. Trip down the stairs or a baseball bat to the belly would please me.Throw on a black mask aim for the midsection and CRACK THAT ASS!Now, I know it sounds harsh, but it's not. The chick has a kid every time she farts.Illegitimate illiterate little bastards. Dad by eighteen, but it's just a disaster.

Now, it's not like he's innocent. I mean, the girl get knocked up from havin sex on the internet.Hadn't he remembered that he'd nutted up in her, and now I gotta fix it, cuz he's in love with her.And I can't let a homie take a fall. A condom? I'd have put tinfoil on my balls.Ain't no time to stall, cuz the time is now. Do something quick, before the kid comes out.Look at the chub and let your dick shut out. Here's a couple hundred dollars, get the fuckin thing out.There's abound a better reason to get rid of the kid. Take two steps back just look at the bitch.She's one of the most crookedest bitches I've ever seen, she's been pitchin out kids since she was thirteen.And I know that you trust her, but everyone from here to Illinois fucked her, dummy.

Think back to when you first met the slob. wasn't she married? Her husband had a job?Supportin his kid, one was his, she was busy suckin your dick and you were clinched.She did the same thing to you, man. You better take matters into your own hands, man and make a plan.And jam your fuckin fist and fuckin grab the kid. Pull it out by it's leg it's your only chance.You wanna be the only man with a new born? (huh?) As soon as it was born it smelled like Newports (ew!)Strangle the bitch with the embillical cord. Better be a lesson to the rest of your whores.

Trash *Simultaneous*Man, I met some (Trash) trashy bitches in my dayGirl, he's a good man...Trash *Simultaneous*You're the biggeest piece of (Trash) trash I've ever seen, yeah.Girl, he's a good man...You're the biggeest piece of (Trash) trash I've ever seen, yeah.Girl, he's a good man...

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